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Head, Neck & Spine Care

Research continues to substantiate the value of chiropractic spinal care and our office implements cutting edge methods of care that will remove interference in the nervous system, enhance healing and promote overall wellness.

Dr. McKinzie practices the Orthospinology technique which is a sub-specialty of the chiropractic profession, focusing on aligning the upper cervical spine. It is one of several upper cervical procedures utilizing radiographs (x-ray films) of the top two bones of the neck and the base of the skull (the upper cervical spine) to determine a misalignment or subluxation that may create irritation of and thereby, interference to, the functioning your nervous system. Corrections at this level will influence the entire spinal column. Upper Cervical chiropractic is an adjusting technique that has given relief to patients when other care (medical or chiropractic) has failed and is considered one of the most advanced scientific techniques available.

Cranial Low-Force Technique incorporates precise, controlled, gentle force into the cranial area to affect the dura, meninges and fascia, which in turn creates a relaxing and balancing effect through the entire body. Dr. McKinzie utilizes both techniques to maximize healing potential.

To understand more, watch the video below:

Upper Cervical video:

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