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Having been a health care provider for over 30 years I constantly put myself back on your side of the table and look at the things that are important to you. I am a chiropractic and nutrition patient too so I can identify with many of your problems.

Patients have come to me for all sorts of health conditions and I have cared for 3-day old infants to 90+ year old geriatrics.

If you are reading this, you are looking for help. You may be like many of my patients who possibly suffers from pain- neck pain, low back pain, headaches or maybe pain in some other area. Maybe you have heard of our BrainGain Solutions and want to improve your brain health, reduce the risk of heart disease, improve joint health, and maximize longevity.

Or, possibly you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, or other inflammatory conditions and are seeking non-prescription alternative treatment methods. Many millennials are finding that they are stiff and achy after that game of basketball or bike ride and want to get their strength and stamina back.

But the question is, “Can I help you?”

I would like to assure you that after thousands of patients and hundreds of thousands of chiropractic and nutrition visits, there is probably not much I have not heard. Patients want to know, “how serious is my condition?” Is upper cervical chiropractic and whole-food nutrition able to address the problem I have? Many people are worried about memory, brain-fog, dementia and how to age optimally. We have happy patients of every age and deal with practically every condition. 

Why am I so motivated to help you? I had severe migraine headaches beginning around age 14 and Upper Cervical Chiropractic is what stopped my migraines. The results I got and seeing patients respond to all sorts of conditions over the years is a daily shot of confidence that what I do works, and patients feel better.

In addition to Upper Cervical Chiropractic, I am so excited about the implementation of the BrainGain solutions and the results we are getting helping patients reduce the risk of heart disease and dementia, while improving memory and cognitive function. 

Protocols for brain function effect every part of the body and can improve eyesight, insure proper fetal development during pregnancy, boost performance in children’s school scores and enhance healing from concussions from sports or car wrecks.

Upper Cervical chiropractic and whole-food nutrition brings a level of healing to your body that you do not get with allopathic medical care. I want you to experience the amazing healing of your body from the inside out with proper nerve flow to every cell of your body supported with proper nutrition.

It is not uncommon for patients to come in with neck or low back pain and over the course of their care incidentally notice reduction in blood pressure because now the nerves to the heart are functioning the way they are supposed to or the diabetic who gets off insulin.

Whatever you are experiencing, chances are you will benefit from Upper Cervical Care and whole-food nutrition.


Dr. McKinzie received his B.S. degree from Missouri State University with a major in Biology and minor in Chemistry and in 1990 my Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas. READ MORE


Proper cervical care and nutrition can mean a happier, healthier you. First things first.
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Rhonda McKinzie, MS, LPC

Rhonda McKinzie is a Licensed Professional Counselor for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and uses the office for counseling & support groups. Rhonda is the Department Chair of Tyler Junior College’s Sign Language Interpreter Training Program. She holds the highest level of sign language certification currently offered in TX including Court certification. She has been a certified interpreter since 1979. Rhonda enjoys family time and spending time being a “grandma”.

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Jan Nulf

Jan is Dr. McKinzie’s Chiropractic Assistant. She handles all front desk duties as well as works as a therapy assistant. She is friendly, outgoing and eager to help every patient with whatever need they have. Jan is especially excited about the benefits of whole food nutrition and essential oils. She can help you learn more about your health as well. 

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Skully loves to hang around the office waiting for the perfect time to jump in and show patients more about how our bodies work. He makes “no bones about it”- Education is essential for patients to understand what it takes to get out of pain, heal properly and to stay healthy. He will often be found out and about “on assignment” learning more about things to help patients with health and wellness. Be sure to follow him on Facebook, you never know where he will turn up next.