Good Health Starts at the Top

If the top of your spine is misaligned, it can create a domino effect with resulting trauma to vital organs and extremities, causing chronic pain and health problems. At McKinzie Chiropractic & Nutrition, your health audit starts with the atlas, the first vertebrae at the top of the spine below the skull. This is where treatment begins, with our promise of top-down cervical care. We also believe that good healthcare should include proper nutrition, but: first things first.

upper cervical spine care specialists


Too often, old-school chiropractors focus on the SITE of back pain, instead of the SOURCE of the pain. In most cases, the source of discomfort will prove to be the upper cervical spine. The atlas. The first vertebra below the skull. READ MORE

whole-food nutrition for good health


Synthetic vitamins cannot replicate or adequately replace the health benefits provided by whole-food nutrition. The complexities of organic sources – critical gas compounds and enzyme chains – cannot be created in a test tube. READ MORE

we offer the world's highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils


Beginning with gifts of frankincense and myrrh related in the Christmas Story, history has recorded the benefits of essential oils. Their healing properties were rediscovered in 1937 when a French chemist used pure lavender to treat a burn.  READ MORE

Great service; great advice. Dr. McKinzie has helped solve many physical issues both with adjustments and supplements.
David Litton
David Litton
04:01 16 Mar 19
I drive back an hour (one way) & have for over 10 years for this awesome chiropractor. Works me in when I’m in a bind & isn’t one of those chiropractors that give them a bad name. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
19:27 06 Mar 19
Very knowledgeable, patient and professional. Office wait is nearly nonexistent and Jan is great! I'm excited to have found Dr. Mckinzie and look forward to the continued care he offers for my neck and pain relief!
Full House Construction
Full House Construction
01:12 03 Mar 19
I first visited McKinzie Chiropractic & Nutrition over a year ago. I had hurt my back and could barely walk. I called and they got me in right away, set up xrays and adjusted me twice that day! Since then I have been a regular patient and have been almost entirely pain free! Before my first visit I had never been to a chiropractor before and didn't know what to expect. Dr. McKinzie took the time to go over my xrays with me and explained what was wrong and what the treatment would be. The staff is always friendly and the office is always clean & neat. Thank you Dr. McKinzie for getting me back on my feet!
Jonathan Troyer
Jonathan Troyer
12:52 28 Feb 19
Always agreeable to see me on short notice when I get to Tyler. Love that about Dr. McKinzie. And I always feel better after a visit.
Barbara Statser
Barbara Statser
01:15 28 Feb 19
Dr McKenzie is so awesome it’s unreal! I was referred to him in Dec 2016. He found out that I had a birth defect on #3 on my spine and arthritis on 4-8. I truly appreciate all he’s done for me and still continues to do; I feel like I should pay him fees for counseling too! 😆
Kristie White
Kristie White
23:20 27 Feb 19


Proper cervical care and nutrition can mean a happier, healthier you. First things first.

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