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Texas:  Want raw milk? Speak up!

Raw milk is already legal in Texas – but it’s hard to get. Dairies that are Licensed Grade A Raw for Retail are regularly inspected and their milk is tested using the same (or higher) standards as for pasteurized milk. Yet state regulations require consumers to drive...

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Millennials Embrace Chiropractic

Holistic Health Care Appeals to Millennials Millennials represent a quarter of the US population born between the years of 1982 and 2000. Fact: 8 million more than the Baby Boomers that are alive today will account for more than $1.4 trillion in spending per year by...

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Migraine Headache?

How long are going to suffer with that Migraine headache? (Be sure you read to the bottom) In the U.S., more than 37 million people suffer from migraines. Some migraine studies estimate that 13 percent of adults in the U.S. population have migraines, and 2-3 million...

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Eat To Live

Eat To Live!Remember, what you eat today will impact how you live tomorrow. Start eating healthy today to launch you into a total health transformation.What you eat today will impact how you live tomorrow. Eat well! #drmckinzie...

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Looking For A Chiropractor?

Looking For A Chiropractor? Looking for a chiropractor? If you have friends who say see a chiropractor, they like the experience and would recommend it, then that is a great place to start. You will be amazed at how many people you know who are already receiving...

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