Dr. Lonny McKinzie

“The body has an amazing, innate power to heal itself but only if there is nothing interfering with that healing”, said Dr. McKinzie. “Small miracles happen daily within our practice, from stopping migraines, to preventing back surgeries, and all sorts of issues in between.

Our nutrition patients lose weight, get rid of heartburn, allergies, GI distress, brain fog, hold their adjustments longer and top it off with better quality sleep, more energy and a better sex life.”

Let us help you get on the path to better health for a lifetime.

Education – a little about myself

I received my B.S. degree from Missouri State University with a major in Biology and minor in Chemistry and in 1990 my Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas.

Having been a chiropractic patient since the age of 14, I knew the benefits. My road to becoming a doctor began with a career in the oil & gas industry. I spent 10 years as a drilling fluids engineer and technical service manager and may not have become a chiropractor had the oil field not crashed in the mid-80s.

In God’s wisdom, he had other plans for me. That opened the door to go back to school and pursue a degree in chiropractic. I knew how well the upper cervical technique worked and so even before graduation, I began obtaining advanced training in Specific Spine Care that focused on the Atlas/C1 area of the neck.

My other postgraduate studies include Advanced Spinal Care, Upper Cervical radiology analysis, as well as, sports injuries, myofascial release, chronic pain, whiplash, and spinal trauma. I also have certification in the Torque Release Technique,  Applied Clinical Nutrition (ACN) and Cranial Low-Force Technique.

Chiropractic Patient First

If you are experiencing severe migraine headaches, I can understand your pain. My headaches were so severe I would have to go to bed, turn out the lights and try to sleep; even prescription medication did little to relieve the pain.

And if you suffer from low back pain I can identify with that as well with several bouts of LBP. Chiropractic and specifically Upper Cervical care has always taken care of the headaches and low back pain.

Our Office

After graduating from Parker College of chiropractic I worked briefly in the Dallas area but soon moved to Corpus Christi and opened an office in the community of Flour Bluff and practiced there for 14 years. I sold that practice in 2005 and moved to Tyler.

Our goal is to offer gentle, specific chiropractic care, nutritional consulting, and essential oil applications.


I enjoy being active in the community and regularly present health living classes, speak to clubs and organizations, and have facilitated a monthly Processed-Free Living support group. I have a diverse practice, including family care, sports injuries, auto injuries, many chronic and difficult cases as well as nutritional support for those conditions.

I enjoy volunteering and regularly offer chiropractic care to ministry organizations, (YWAM, FatherHeart Mercy Ships, Calvary Commission and WycliffeUSA). This truly is a blessing. I served as the President of the Board of Directors of the Tyler Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center (TDHHC) from 2011 until 2020 and am still active within the deaf community. 


My wife Rhonda and I have two grown married children and two granddaughters and grandson. We enjoy spending time together, tending our garden, raising our own vegetables and all that East Texas has to offer. When the opportunity arises, I enjoy riding motorcycles, participating in IDPA matches and doing home projects.

Dr. McKinzie’s Curriculum Vitae.



Let us help you get on the path to better health for a lifetime.