As some say, “Do or Die, Sink or Swim, Talk the talk and Walk the walk!”

Which ever cliche is applicable, I’m asking for your honesty. Now is the time to really let me know what you think. Do you like your care or not? Not only will this help me but others looking for a chiropractor in this area. I don’t mind a little “stepping on my toes” but please don’t stomp too hard. I am asking you to go to either link and leave your comments on at my listing- Lonny R. McKinzie, D.C. and Weaver Chiropractic. (If you’d prefer to email me personally and not post your comments for the world to see just send them to

I just found it really helps for patients to give feedback regarding their doctor. As you know I primarily specialize in the Atlas/C1 or Upper Cervical Technique. Since taking over for Dr. Weaver I’ve found he used a variety of techniques and I’ve tried to accommodate patients as best I can. However, the Upper Cervical technique, in my opinion, is truly the most advanced chiropractic care available to the public today. As I’ve become better acquainted with many of my patients and learned their particular needs, many benefit more from the Upper Cervical care than any other technique.

I hope you all tell others about the benefits of chiropractic care and encourage friends and family to seek the natural healing that can take place with chiropractic. Emergency health care and first aid are essential and we have very qualified doctors trained in those areas but chiropractic works to assist your body in healing itself. We all need the life restoring care that chiropractic offers to stay healthy and to keep our immune system functioning at its optimum. Give yourself the gift of life-better health through upper cervical chiropractic care.

Your comments (positive I hope) will really help to let others know about chiropractic and Upper Cervical care.

I just realized you need to leave comments on both if you want people to know about me.
Thank you.