Frequently I get asked about Colonics, so I decided to do some investigating to confirm or change my opinion.

We humans often get ideas in our heads and begin to reason why something should be good to do or would be beneficial or “feels” like the right thing to do. However,
just because we “reason” that something is so doesn’t make it so.

For example, I have patients come in and point to a spot
on their neck that “really” hurts and claim that “I’ve been massaging right here and that’s where it hurts”. X-rays show that the vertebra is twisted at that level and they’ve actually been pushing the vertebra even more out of position. So what seemed right to do was actually making it worse.

In the case of Colonics, what sounds like a reasonable approach to cleanse the colon may have some “not so healthy” outcomes. Aside from an enema for the occasional impacted colon, Colonics is different. It might sound like a good idea and some who have had it might argue that they felt positive benefits.

The theory was that the colon was the collection point of every foul, toxic and unhealthy thing being expelled from our body and that the colon needed “cleaning” from time to time. The only truth to the point that it is a toxic environment comes from what the body is trying to expel and not the colon itself. There have been all sorts of remedies for cleaning the colon involving specific types of detoxifying teas, enzymes and physically irrigating the colon to actually wash it out. The results and side effects of colon cleansing range from mild and no noticeable improvement to severe side effects of diarrhea, infection, electrolyte imbalance and even perforated bowels. Very few scientific studies have been done and no support could be found to verify any symptom improvement to colonic therapy.

It is a fact that our bodies do get exposed to high levels of toxins from air, water, smoke, fumes, household cleaners, additives, preservatives and pesticides. We even generate internal toxins from normal metabolism like ammonia, carbon dioxide and free radicals. The truth is we do get toxic but flushing the colon is not where you start to do a true cellular detoxification. There is so much misinformation about colon cleanses, detoxification and purification that the general public can actually cause more damage to their bodies than benefit if they try to just go buy some products from the health food store or look up “colon cleanse” on the internet.

Purification should only be done with the oversight or direction of a professional who understands toxicity, where toxins reside, how they are broken down and flushed out of the system and how to support the body with good healthy nutrition. The most effective method of ridding our bodies of toxins is to do a metabolic detoxification program that gently and thoroughly pulls toxins out at the cellular level by unlocking the toxin from the stored location, neutralizing the toxin and then eliminating the toxin from the body through urine, feces and sweat. The most dangerous form of detoxing is when an individual tries to do a “cleanse” or an untrained “professional” at some health food store recommends products that only unlock the toxin but doesn’t neutralize or eliminate the toxin. It then can actually be more toxic and at a greater concentration that the original exposure. And… that WILL make you sick!

Before you choose to do Colonics or any other form of detoxification, call our office to learn how to perform safe, effective cellular purification. You’ll feel better than you have in a long time.


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